Reconstructing in/with the house: A familiar conversation


  • Miina Kaartinen
  • Michaela Casková
  • Tiina Arjukka Hirvonen
  • Sallamari Rantala
  • Sanna Ritvanen



Mustarinda, Group autoethnography, autoetnografia, Housekeeping, Community research, Contemporary art, Residence , Teoria ja käytäntö, Practice and theory


Mustarinda Association is a group of artists and researchers whose goal is to promote ecological reconstructions within society, a diversity of na­turecultures, and connections between art and science. Reaching towards a post-fossil culture, Mustarinda works in/through/with contempo-rary art, boundary-crossing research, practical ex­perimentation, communication, education, and events. Its activities are rooted in the Mustarinda house, located by an old-growth forest in Hyryn­salmi, Kainuu. The house has versatile spaces for artist and researcher residencies, and also hosts exhibitions and various events. Mustarinda house group is an ensemble of active members of the association who carry the collective responsibility of maintaining the house and its activities. What follows is an edited excerpt of a text-based con­versation between some house group members who’ve cared for and with the house between 2015 and the present. In summer 2022, this group dis-cussed reconstruction and social reproduction with-in the house; the constructed division between theory and practice; the extractive aspects of con­ventional research; and a rethinking of how knowl-edge production happens.

Kirjoittajien biografiat

Miina Kaartinen

YTM, Tampereen yliopisto

Michaela Casková

MFA et M.Ed

Tiina Arjukka Hirvonen

Taiteen Maisteri (kuvataidekasvatus), Mustarinda-seura 

Sallamari Rantala

KuM, Mustarinda-seura

Sanna Ritvanen

Muotoilija AMK, Mustarinda





Kaartinen, M., Casková, M., Hirvonen, T. A., Rantala, S., & Ritvanen, S. (2023). Reconstructing in/with the house: A familiar conversation. Tiede & edistys, 48(1), 52–58.